#afterschoolchefs challenge with Birdseye

We’ve teamed up with Britmums and Birdseye to take on the #afterschoolschefs challenge.  Birdseye have kindly offered a helping hand to busy families, just like mine, by ensuring that meal times are happy times!

All parents will know that feeding hungry toddlers and school age children healthy, easy meals can be a challenge at the best of times let alone when you’re in a rush after the school and nursery run. So we’ve stocked our freezer with easy tea time solutions from Birdseye in hopes that our meal times are hassle free.  We got our products from Tesco and it seemed most of the Birdseye range was on offer so I only paid a £1 or £2 for each item – we managed to fill both our freezers for £20!!  The Fish Fingers even had 3 extra free in each pack. Here are just some of the items we bought…


Logan’s always been a great eater but when he gets hungry boy do we hear about it!  That’s why I love these ‘Field Fresh’ steam bags. They were so quick and healthy and despite being steamed in the microwave they weren’t at all soggy or flavourless.  I’ll definitely be purchasing these for the future.  One bag does two kids or one adult so a great product to keep tucked away in the freezer for when the kids need a little vitamin boost!



Florence quite often comes home from nursery starving despite having had breakfast, lunch and dinner there.  She get’s irritable if we sit at the dinner table eating when she’s already eaten so the veg packets are perfect to keep her busy and nutritious too.  Far better then giving her a slice of toast but ready in just the same amount of time.


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On a mission!

To celebrate the launch of its ‘Super Soft’ wraps, Mission Deli is #OnAMission to show the UK how important soft play can be for adults, not just kids.

As a thank you for writing this post I was provided with a huge bean bag for all the family to enjoy and enjoy we did!  The kids used it as a launchpad, as a chill out zone, as a boat, as somewhere for rough and tumble….it lived in our lounge for weeks on end as the kids just loved it so much. It was great to see the kids playing together rather then separately and their little imaginations came to life.


Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to amuse you all but hubby and I had fun too – it’s not getting on the bean bag that’s the problem, it’s getting off! It’s so supportive you need hoisting out!

Why soft play?

Somewhere along the road from childhood, many of us have stopped playing and it may be more likely that you’ll find us watching TV or playing on a tablet. With the hectic lives we lead, we need to find a way to take our minds off work and family commitments and have fun!

Existing research shows that play can be an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults. It can also be a fun way to fuel your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and improve your mental health.


So why not get you and your family involved in play! There doesn’t have to be a goal beyond having fun and enjoying yourself.

Besides the soft play, we have been creating some delicious meals from our Mission Deli Super Soft Wraps.  One of my favourites was this kind of ‘pizza quesadilla’.  So quick and simple to create but delicious, healthy (depending on your fillings) and satisfying. PicMonkey Collage

For more information about Mission Deli you can visit the website, Twitter or Facebook page.


https://twitter.com/MissionDeliUK - https://www.facebook.com/MissionWrapsUK

Keep your home organised with storage from Viking Direct

I’ve been working from home part time for the last few years and have accumulated quite a selection of miscellaneous stationery which is generally strewn around my office day to day and then scraped into a drawer if we have house guests.  Now my cake business is expanding at a steady rate I am also gathering quite a large amount of cakey equipment and it all needs to be kept sanitary, safe and out of my kids reach.

I was sent these cute little storage boxes  from Viking Direct to try and help organise all my bits and bobs.

photo 5

The boxes arrived quickly and in pristine condition. The boxes definitely have the cute factor as they’re just so diddy and perfect for all the little bits that always seem to go missing.  I’m a bit of an empty margarine pot hoarder as they make perfect storage tubs but I’ve actually thrown a lot of them out now as I have my funky little boxes.  Besides being cute they’re actually super practical.  They stack well and form sturdy towers when stacked, they’re safe and secure with a handy clip lid, and some of the boxes I was sent are transparent which means I can see within seconds whether I’ve grabbed the right box.

photo 2

I’ve found a million and one uses for the boxes from drawing pins, to hair grips to fondant cutters and ribbon storage. We have also been using them to store some of the kids snacks in when we go out and about for the day as they’re easy to clean and the perfect size for travelling.  The bottom of our baby change bag used to look like the top of the bird table with odd bits of food scattered around but now it’s clean and tidy and our snacks aren’t covered in lint.

photo 3

The best part, besides the endless list of uses, the size and the bright colours, is the price – just £11.24 for 30 boxes!

Back to school with the Trunki PaddlePak

As July rolls round and I see the Back to School sections appear in the shops I inwardly chuckle at the over the top preparedness of some parents. Then, come the last week of August, I am dashing about looking for the one shop which stocks pale yellow polo shirts in my sons size.  I’ll never learn.

Thankfully, this year, we didn’t need to go in search of a new school bag as Trunki very kindly sent us their new ‘PaddlePak’.  There are loads of designs to choose from but Logan and Florence both agreed they liked the turtle.  I’d not seen a PaddlePak before but the website displays all the numerous awards it’s won for its fab design.


The bag arrived quickly and in pristine condition.  The cardboard insert which came with the bag was really bright and informative.  It outlines all the features the bag has and also that our PaddlePak turtle was called ‘Sheldon’!  The kids loved that he has a name.


The main feature of the bag, besides being a super cool animal shape is the fact it’s waterproof and ideal to take not only to school but to swimming lessons or just out on a rainy adventure.  The head of the bag is a dry zip pocket and is made of material which kind of feels like a wet suit, sort of spongey and has a big kiddy friendly zip on it – the perfect place for storing dinner money or locker money.

Trunki PaddlePak

The bag has reflective strips on the adjustable straps and the Trunki branding on the front of the bag is also reflective. There are accessory loops, perhaps for your child’s favourite keyring and a Trunki Grip for sunglasses.  I don’t think there is anything they haven’t thought of.

My favourite part of the bag is the way that the opening folds over three times to close and the break away safety buckle clips together on the under side of the turtle.  The action of doing this creates a bit of air in the bag which puffs out the turtles shell and makes the bag look really good.

photo 2

I really wish we’d had a PaddlePak for each of the kids during our summer holiday in Cornwall as it would have been perfect to take to the beach, there’s plenty of capacity for a drink, towel, snacks and of course, sunglasses!

As you can see both the kids have been loving the bag which makes getting out the front door for the school run particularly difficult whilst the kids argue over who’s taking Sheldon!

photo 3


photo 4