Cats, Christmas and DIY

HELLO! It’s Christmas! Well, nearly.  There is a definite Christmassy feel in the air.  It feels like people are putting their trees up earlier and earlier every year.  I am excited about and dreading putting the tree up in equal measure.  I shall tell you for why.  If you follow my Instagram you’ll have seen this year we’ve had a new addition to the family, perhaps not quite the sort of new addition I wanted but nonetheless he’s quite cute.  Say hello to Monty.  A black and white ninja with a penchant for ankles and dangly things – watch out Matt!


Monty is now 5mths old and attacks ANYTHING that dangles, swings or moves.  I try and do the ironing and he’s swinging off the cord from the iron, I hang clothes on the airer and there he is batting a pair of knickers around the kitchen.  Now, can you see why I am dreading putting the tree up? No sooner is it up, it will be down.  No doubt about it.  So – if you happen to visit our house this Christmas and the bottom of the tree is looking decidedly bare it’s because we’ve done that thing where you move everything up 6” so the baby, or in our case, the cat can’t quite reach it.

Besides all the cat shenanigans there has been illness and a little DIY going on.  Florence had a horrendous cough thing which she passed to Matt and now she’s just coming out the other side of Hand, Foot and Mouth or Impetigo.  It’s not been too bad though, she’s been in good spirits which makes the whole debacle much more bearable. I’m hoping to take her to M&S café for a little lunch on Friday as a treat for being so good, plus mummy wants a jacket potato!


Logan’s not been around much as it was his weekend at his dads last week and so I am really looking forward to seeing him when I pick him up from school tomorrow.  Maybe because I don’t see him every day in his school uniform but it still makes me well up a bit.

The house has had a little bit of TLC too.  I’ve busied myself making these cute wall letters for the kids’ rooms whilst the father in law and Matt tiled the kitchen and I am delighted with how it looks.  I can now splash buttercream and jam up the walls to my heart’s content.


  • IMG_4387
  • IMG_4313


To finish off the month on a good note, I got a Merit in my first college assessment on my cake decorating course.

Roll on December, we’re ready for you!

Caroline xx

What’s your role in the family?

When one of your kids is poorly it really brings out a side of them you don’t often see.  Florence has been ill since Sunday evening and is only just showing signs of improving.  Luckily I work from home so I can fit some work in around nose wiping and Calpol dispensing.  It’s not just help with that stuff she needs though, it’s emotional support and comfort.  Anyone that knows Florence fairly well will know that she’s a fairly strong minded little madam and doesn’t often sit still for cuddles but this last week she’s been like a Koala and during the night she moans for ‘Muuuuuummyyyyyyyyyyy’.


I’ve realised that we all kind of have roles in our family.  I seem to be the one that dishes out the medicine, cuddles the sickly kids,  and makes sure they have clean bedding when their sick in it.  I’d describe it as a ‘caring’ role but that’s not to say Dad doesn’t care.  He cares, he cares a lot but in a very different way.  Dad’s more likely to be the one the kids run to when they want to sit on someone’s shoulders or when they want someone to chase them up the hill.  Dad pulls his top up and makes the kids laugh (!) and blows raspberries on their bellies. If Logan wants his train track making or Lego fixing it’s Matts job. Dad is the clown that keeps us all smiling through weeks like this.


Logan’s the big brother and a sensitive soul.  He’s growing into a really thoughtful chap, between ALL THE TALKING.  Logan used to hate it when Florence joined in with his games for fear she would devour every toy she picked up.  It’s all different now though, Logan actually invites Florence up to his bedroom to play and shuts the gate at the top of the stairs.  He cares for his sister and it’s really lovely.  Even though he’s not here all the time they have bonded like any normal brother and sister would.  Perhaps even better.  Logan can also be the joker, he loves to make Florence laugh and his imagination his overactive to put it mildly which can sometimes make him a little wary.  A six year old girl recently told him on a visit to soft play that there was a snake in the soft play area.  After which Logan began to shake, cry and refuse to go back in! Thanks weird, bob-haired girl! When you’re feeling a bit down you can always rely on Logan for either a weird joke or a kind word.

Finally there’s Florence.  I’d say she’s the boss, a 3ft boss.  A sweet looking girl with a huge personality. She loves Daddies jokes but when she’s ill she’s a real Mummies girl.  She brings me tissues to wipe her nose and curls up in a ball on my stomach to watch cartoons. When she’s not ill she’ll get stuck in, there’s no standing on ceremony with Florence, in at the deep end and worry about the consequences later. Hates wearing socks, a real barefooted warrior.

The Conception Diaries – trying to conceive

As the title suggests, we are about to embark on cycle 9 of trying to conceive baby number 3.  I won’t lie and say I am totally relaxed about it all as at the end of cycle 8 I cried and cried. If you saw my instagram you’ll have seen that I was about 3 or four days late before I was finally put out of my misery, actually I was put into misery, by Mother Nature.  Life can be cruel.  I am never usually that late.  Why wasn’t I late when I was in Barcelona and my cycle decides to end ON MY 30TH BIRTHDAY?!

Anyway, it’s taken me a few weeks to bring myself to face the fact that I’m still not pregnant.  I can’t help think that if we had caught when we first started trying then I would be due very soon.  I try and stay relaxed during the month but the last week or two and I go a little bit mental looking for symptoms which, as I’m sure some of you know, are very similar to PMS symptoms.

Over the last few weeks I have learnt of a friend who has become pregnant which is amazing news as she and her hubby to be are amazing with children but it’s pretty hard to not be obsessed and talk baby talk ALL the time.  I swear she thinks I am going to steal her baby.  I’ve also spent some time with my husbands niece who is also pregnant and had a bit of a rough time with the sickness and all.  Being around her helps as it reminds me not to be in such a rush to feel so tired and sickly all the time!

On the up side we booked a  holiday earlier this week.  We’d always planned to take some kind of holiday in 2015 but due to work and baby plans being a bit all over the place we’d held off.  Our lovely friends in Telford had booked a week or so in Cyprus at the end of August and I said how much I’d love to go as I’ve never been to Cyprus yet everyone I know raves about the place.  Anyway, after much discussion hubby and I decided it was stupid to book a holiday at the end of August when the temperatures at its peak and we may well have a newborn baby.  So, sensibility prevailed and we booked for April.  We’re off to Fuerteventura! Hurrah!!! We’ve not told Logan yet but he will be over.the.moon!  It’s something to look forward to once the NY is over and done with.

I guess, looking at it, I have kind of relaxed a bit on the TTC front.  I have run out of Pregnacare supplements and not bothered replacing, I have stopped logging when we do a little ‘baby dance’ and I have stopped using the forums.  I’m also busier then I have been previously as Florence is out of nursery more, so although I am working in my day job less I have more ‘running around’ to do with the little madam.  It’s just come to the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week and I send all my love and best wishes to those who I know either personally or through social media who have suffered a loss.  It makes me feel greedy writing posts like this when I know people have conceived and lost.  It also makes me count my blessings and realise life isn’t that bad.




The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation Charity Campaign

I try not to fill my blog with spam about products and things which aren’t relevant but this seemed like a worthy cause and worth sharing.

Rachel Stevens, celebrity mum of two and new ambassador of Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser, launched the Dettol Baby Blanket Donation Charity Campaign in Central London recently by donating the first blanket to the cause.

The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation aims to promote the dangers of bacteria on blankets and highlight the shortage of blankets available to infants of disadvantaged families.

Dettol and Rachel are encouraging mums across the UK to “keep the memories – not the bacteria” by donating a blanket via Freepost and sharing their special recollections and photographs of their babies blanket on social media.  Once collected the blankets will be hygienically washed with Dettol before being redistributed to families in need.  Dettol also pledge to donate £1 for every blanket collected to children’s medical research charity, Sparks.

Donations of blankets will be taken until the end of December.  Memories can be shared @dettolblanket #sharethememories or on Dettol’s Facebook page.  More info can be found at

Blankets can be donated via Freepost to:

Dettol Baby Blanket Donation
The Hay Loft
Balcombe Place Stables
RH17 6AZ

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